Glasturm – Glass from Gernheim

We are the Team in the Glass Tower and since the 1998 opening of the LWL Museum of Industry Gernheim Glassworks, we have been working in its studios. Visitors can amble through our large facilities and learn about the historical glass industry in an authentic setting. The centerpiece of the museum is the historical glass furnace. Here we delight and inspire visitors daily by employing age-old techniques to form molten glass into new pieces. We then sand and engrave them. Guests can lose track of time as they watch new glass forms playfully develop out of the hot liquid.

LWL-Industriemuseum „Glashütte Gernheim“

One of our most important goals is to pass on the tradition of the craft of glass blowing. We proudly carry the official seal “Kulturerbe Deutschland” or “Cultural Heritage of Germany” and we understand it to be a mandate guiding our daily work.

We use our creative potential at the furnace, fashioning premium glassware, special orders and our own artistic projects. We gladly accept commissioned works, just ask us!

Since the 1960s artists have increasingly seen glass as a versatile medium for artistic expression: this was known as the birth of the Studio Glass Movement. We consider ourselves to be the center of the Studio Glass Scene in Germany. Colleagues and artists regularly come to Gernheim to bring new projects to life using our facilities. We also collaborate with conservatories, museums, artists’ societies and galleries. In doing so we hope to help establish glass blowing in education and art as an important tool and glass as a fascinating material. Students have the opportunity to realize their own projects at our furnace. We support artists while drafting and implementing their ideas to the best of our abilities. These are all ways in which we contribute to keeping the glass blowing scene in Germany creative and vibrant.

We also offer courses for all levels of glass blowers! From complete beginners to fellow established glass blowers, we have to right course for you.

Korbinian Stöckle

Korbinian Stöckle has been a member of the LWL Museum of Industry Gernheim Glassworks team since its founding in 1998. He is one of the most experienced glass blowers in Germany. Following his traditional glass blowing training at the Zwiesel Glass Skills College, Germany, he studied Glass Design and Sculpture at the State Academy for Visual Arts in Stuttgart, Germany with Professors Seemann and Hewel. Stöckle has appeared regularly at international glass art exhibitions since 1992. He has been honored with various prizes and his works are frequently exhibited in public collections throughout the country. Since 2019 Stöckle has held the position of chairperson of the Glass Art Society NRW e.V.

Stöckle’s impressive versatility in handling glass, his experience and his intuition make him a highly sought after instructor. His technical and artistic competencies make him an ideal partner in the realization of expansive projects, for artists and designers alike.

Heikko Schulze Höing

Heikko Schulze Höing completed his apprenticeship certification exam in glass engraving at the State Professional School for Glass Work in Hadamar, Germany. His first work experience was at Rosenthal in Amberg and various other companies in Southern Germany. Later he completed his training at the Glass Blowing Professional School of Zwiesel, Germany where he received his certification as glass technician for design and as master craftsman in engraving.

Höing has been working as a master cutter-engraver and glass designer at the Gernheim Glassworks since 1998. In addition to the technical challenges involved in coldworking the pieces of the Gernheim Glassworks, Höing dedicates himself to his freelance projects, which can be seen in numerous exhibitions. He is a member of the Glass Art Society NRW and is involved in the international open network of glass engraving.

Rasit Rejwan Toplu

Rasit Rejwan Toplu studied glass art and glass design at the University of Anadolu in Turkey. It was there where he honed his technical skills and design capabilities. He first came to Gernheim in 2011 while studying at the the Koblenz (Germany) Institute for Artistic Ceramic and Glass. He’s been a team member since 2016.

Approachable and helpful, Toplu enriches the environment of the glass workshop on all levels!