Glass and More …

Week-long courses during the Easter and Autumn Breaks

These courses take place during the Easter and Autumn school breaks in North Rhine-Westphalia and last for 6 or 8 days. Participants work for three hours a day in teams of two at the glass furnace and are supported by our professional glass blowers. The time away from the oven is spent preparing or finishing the pieces. Our master cutter-engraver will assist in cold working the pieces.

Depending on the individual interests of the course participants, we can also demonstrate specific glass blowing techniques in addition to free glass blowing, including the use of molds (plaster or clay) or sand casting.

These courses are designed for people who’ve already had a taste of glass blowing and cannot wait to come back for more. The intensive week-long experience allows participants ample time to concentrate on their glass work and to develop their skills with molten glass. The longer time span also allows for work on more complex projects. We will provide guidance for your projects as much as possible, according to the availability of our team members.

Course Duration: 6 or 8 days
Course Time: Daily from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm
Instructors: At the furnace – Korbinian Stöckle and Rejwan Toplu. In the cold shop – Heikko Schulze Höing
Maximum number of participants: 8

Please Bring: Work clothes (comfortable, long-sleeved clothes made of natural fabrics). Sturdy, close-toed shoes

We generally spend the lunch breaks together as a group and organize something to eat together.

Questions? Send us an email: or phone us: +49 5707 - 95 39 29 (answering machine)